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Professional Stink Bug Extermination

Stink bugs are bothersome pests that can enter homes and apartments in large numbers, with some species capable of invading houses in their thousands. Stink bugs not only create a nuisance but can also cause damage to furniture and clothing due to their sticky excretions. Furthermore, stink bugs emit an unpleasant odour when disturbed, making them even more annoying to live with.
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Stink Bugs

Types of damage:

Left unchecked, stink bug infestations can quickly become a serious problem. Stink bugs can damage crops, fabrics, and furniture by feeding on them or leaving behind droppings. Prompt action should be taken as soon as a stink bug infestation is noticed to counter further damage to the property and prevent the spread of stink bugs in the area.

  • Eating crops and fruits.
  • Destroying fabrics and furniture.
  • Staining walls with droppings.
  • Infesting stored food supplies.
  • Leaving behind offensive odours.

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